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Year 13 Parent Interviews (Targeted)

Wednesday 27th September 2017

Year 13 Parent/Carer,

You will shortly be receiving a letter outlining the Year 13 Parent Interview which is scheduled for Wednesday 27th September between 5.30-6.30pm. This is a targeted parent interview only. This means that teachers will target students within their classes that they need to see immediately during the first term of Year 13. By and large this will be due to an underperformance in their recent exams/mocks.

You may be asked to attend an appointment will all of your child’s subjects teachers, some of their teachers or none. If none, please take this as a sign that we are happy that your child is performing strongly at Sixth Form. If you are requested to attend the targeted parent interview teachers will make appointments via our Parents Evening System which you will be able to view online. You can, of course adapt the appointment time between 5.30-6.30pm. Each appointment meeting will ensure that you, as their parent/carer are aware of any targets, strategies and support being put in place within the subject. Of course, it will also help you understand how best to offer support at home. If you wish to request an appointment with a teacher who has not made one with you, the letter you receive will outline how to do so.

There will be another Year 13 Parent Interview for everyone on Wednesday 17th January.

Please save both dates.

Kind regards,

Miss Francis Assistant Headteacher – Director of Sixth Form

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