Curriculum Leader: Ms C Leeke

Subject Leader(s):
S. Neighbour ([email protected])

Fortnightly Lessons:
3 lessons

1 homework per week, 30—40 minutes

Year 7 Topics:
Term 1 – Judaism
Term 2 – Judaism & Early Life of Jesus
Term 3 – Life of Jesus
Term 4 – Being a Christian
Term 5 – Islam
Term 6 – Global Learning Project: Love your neighbour

Year 8 Topics:                              
Term 1 – Why are we here?
Term 2 – Evil & Suffering
Term 3 – Blessed are the Peacemakers
Term 4 – Sikhism
Term 5 – Buddhism
Term 6 – Global Learning Project: Environment

Useful Resources:
BBC Bitesize KS3 website


Long Course Religion and Life 5rs02 Religion and Society 5rs08 The issues explored are:

  • Unit 1: Believing in God
  • Unit 2: Matters of Life and Death
  • Unit 3: Marriage and Family Life
  • Unit 4: Social Cohesion
  • Unit 5: Rights and Responsibility
  • Unit 6: Environmental and Medical Issues
  • Unit 7: Peace and Conflict
  • Unit 8: Crime and Punishment

The course is a 100% examination. Students will sit the Edexcel ‘Religion and Life’ exam and this consists of the first four units. Students will also sit the Edexcel ‘Religion and Society’ exam and this covers unit 5-8.

Why Choose to Study Philosophy, Religion and Ethics?

The world in which we live is full of ‘BIG’ questions and ‘BIG’ ethical issues.  You cannot watch TV, look at social media or listen to the radio without being bombarded with these kinds of issues.  In this subject we consider such topics and discuss their impact and relevance in today’s society. You will be challenged to develop your own personal perspective, reflect on the views of others and evaluate such opinions. Topics covered as part of the course include Environmental Issues, Equality, War & Peace, Sexual Ethics, the Design and Cosmological Arguments, The Problem of Evil & Suffering

Skills for Life?

We’re guessing that you aren’t sure how such a subject will benefit you in further study or your future career.  Studying philosophy, religion & ethics will develop and enhance your skills of analysis and critical thinking.  Philosophy, Religion & Ethics will help you to become more independent, motivated and engaged learners.  You will be able to make mature, informed and reasoned responses to some of the biggest most controversial issues in society today.

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