Business Studies

Curriculum Leader: Miss E Francis

Do you ever wonder what is required to set up your own business? What product or service to provide? How much to charge the customers? What additional finance would be appropriate? How to calculate your profit or loss? Well, signing up to take Business can provide the answers to these questions and many more.

Since September 2014, we have offered Business Studies as an option. In Year 9, you are introduced to business and enterprise; this involves you setting up and running your own business for the year. During Year 10 and 11, you will move into how the business actually works. You will need to have an analytical, evaluative and investigative approach.

Year 9 Business Class – Year 2014-15

“Welcome. Who has the business acumen? Which team will win each venture?” – Miss Francis


News from the Year 9 Business students – Term 1

“Our first business venture was to plan, set-up and run a lunchtime stall. Miss Francis gave each business team £5 for stock and we had 20 minutes to sell as much as possible. Our aim was to cover our costs and to make a profit. I loved it!” – Yr9 Business Student.

I Team were the winners making a £32.75 profit. Well done to LJ, Jamie, Josh, Ollie and Tadjae.” – Miss Francis

News from the Year 9 Business students – Term 2

“Our second business venture was to plan, set-up and run Christmas stalls for the rest of the school. The tricky part was joining up with the Business and Finance students in Year 12 and13 and working together on our stalls. We used our profit from the lunchtime stall in Term 1 to fund our purchases for the Christmas one. Again our aim was to make even more of a profit whilst this time helping the Sixth Formers raise money for their prom in July. We agreed to split our profit 50/50″ – Yr9 Business Student.

“1st place for amount of money raised went to the TeKK3rs with £27.82. Great effort Ahmad, Hayden, Yinka and Henry. What a turn around TeKK3rs were in last place after the lunchtime stall!” – Miss Francis.

News from the Year 9 Business students – Term 4

“We were asked to run the Year 8 Options Evening by Miss Francis for Business. We needed to talk to parents and possible Year 9 Business students about our subject and what we had done throughout the year. They were judging our customer services skills and voting for the best Business Team on the night” – Yr9 Business Student.

“The ARD Eggs secured first place for their customer service skills earning an extra £18 for their team profit pot. I am thrilled for you Alex, Jamie, Yinka and Henry; the parents loved you!” – Miss Francis.

News from the Year 9 Business students – Term 6

“Our final business venture was to plan, set-up and run an obstacle course battle on festival day. We devised two courses for lower school students to try – the fastest time for each year would receive a prize. We worked with the PE staff to check which equipment we could use and to make sure our courses were safe. Miss Francis would be judging which business team ran the best obstacle course. It was funny watching Mr Bright fall off and Miss Francis sprinting” – Yr9 Business Student.

Fastest times for course 1 went to: Mark White in Yr8 with 39 seconds and Hayden Griffiths in Yr9 with 25 seconds and for course 2: LJ Friend in Yr9 with 32 seconds. The best obstacle course team goes to LJ, Jordan, Joe, Alex, Jamie and Jayden” – Miss Francis.

“Bye for now Year 9 Business Class 2014-15. Thank-you for your efforts. See you September 2015” – Miss Francis

Saint George’s offers two Business-related tracks for students to choose at Sixth Form.

For students wanting to know what business is, the importance of managers, leadership and decision making as well as how to improve marketing, operational, financial and human resource performance, and how to analyse strategic direction and manage change, we offer AQA’s A Level in Business.

The course is broken down into ten topics of study over the two years. At AS level students study topics 1-6 and 7-10 at A2. There are 3 exams at the end of Year 13; all are externally assessed.


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For students interested in actually working in the Business and Finance sector, we offer the IFS Level 3 Certificate in Financial Studies in year 12. Students are encouraged to become responsible borrowers, sensible savers, and have an appreciation of the need for financial planning throughout their life. It is equivalent to half an A Level. The course has two units – they are both externally assessed. It offers a maximum 70 UCAS points which can contribute to your university entry.

The skills and knowledge developed in the Certificate can be extended by taking two further units to form the Level 3 Diploma in Financial Studies in year 13.


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