Careers & Life Skills

Careers Leader: Mrs S Harden

Careers Leader:
S. Harden (

Careers & Life Skills Teacher:

S. Lane (

From this September years 8 to 10 will all receive a career’s lesson once a fortnight, these lessons will explore what career options are available to them and will be interactive and mainly discussion based. They will explore the various professions and work force will have companies and induvial people come into lesson a to show them what it’s like to work in retail, or to work as an engineer. They will also look at further education such as apprenticeships, college and university.

Year 11 are having a face to face interview with the leadership team to explore their choices and to support them in making them. Any of them that are unsure can have a chat with our new Career Teacher. Years 12 to 13 will also be able to access the new career teacher for any help or support with CV’s or making career choices.

Useful Resources:
To see our career programme 2018_19 (draft) please click on this link It will show our lesson content, outcomes and assessment dates. This is subject to change as the career programme develops.