Curriculum Leader: Mr D Higson

Miss H Heasman is the Subject Leader for Media and works closely with Mr D Higson on the attainment of this curriculum area in school.

In year 10 students will start to produce work based on the skills and knowledge they have learnt in year 9. Their first project will be to plan, pitch and produce a media product of their own creation in a similar fashion to ‘Dragon’s Den’ and ‘The Apprentice’. Students will then start working on digital moving image production, analysing the different formats and techniques used to create the programs we watch on a daily basis and understanding the reasons for their layout and the relationships to audiences. After the analysis stage students will then embark on planning and producing their own digital moving image product.

Year 11 will start off with a continued focus on digital moving image before moving on to digital publishing production. In this unit students will learn to analyse published material and become fluent with Photoshop and InDesign software which they will use to create their own publishing products. This will lead them into the final stage where they will prepare for their exam which will cover all aspects of the media.


A Level Media Studies is offered at KS5. The A Level provides an excellent pathway from GCSE Media Studies or as a new option for those wishing to study the impact of the Media. The A Level centres around the media concepts of audience, institution, representation and media language. It allows students the opportunity to analyse a range of texts from print, broadcast and e-media. The subject encourages students to think critically about what they consume in the media as well as developing their skills as media producers with the coursework element

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