Curriculum Leader: Miss F. Price

Subject Leader(s):
F. Price (

Fortnightly Lessons:
1 lesson

Once every two terms (project based)

Year 7 Topics:
Cultural Dance, Matilda, Dance in Social Media

Year 8 Topics:
Street Dance, Parkour, Dance Tek Warriors

Year 9

Dance is offered as part of the taster rotation 

Subject Leader(s):
F. Price (

In Key Stage 4 we currently offer the RSL Level 2 Certificate in Creative and Performing Arts. The RSL qualification encourages students to develop their understanding and appreciation of the performing arts sector. Students have the opportunity to explore and develop a range of skills and techniques through workshops in a variety of dance styles. Pupils are required to complete a detailed ongoing review of their dance skills, identifying their strengths and areas to develop, as well as setting achievable targets for improvement. The assessment approach of the RSL Dance course allows for students to receive feedback on their progress throughout the program as they provide evidence towards the grading criteria of a Pass, Merit or Distinction. 


Subject Leader(s):
F. Price (

In Key Stage 5 we currently offer the RSL Level 3 Diploma in Creative and Performing Arts qualification, this course provides students with skills, knowledge and understanding for entry to employment in the creative and performing arts industries or progression to further study at a higher level. The qualification offers practical structured learning with the flexibility to specialise in different disciplines directly relevant to employment within the creative and performing arts industries. Students apply a range of skill, knowledge and understanding in preparation for employment/further study. The units provide students with knowledge and understanding of advanced concepts such as the style and context of performance genres, audition techniques, planning, repertoire, rehearsal schedules, the nature of performance, collaborating with others, health and safety, technical requirements, and reviewing/analysing performances. Students must pass one externally assessed core unit, one internally assessed core unit and five further optional units