Curriculum Leader: Miss F. Price

Subject Leader(s):
F. Price (

Fortnightly Lessons:
1 lesson


Year 7 Topics:
Bhangra, Capoeira, Street Dance

Year 8 Topics:
Parkour, Michael Jackson, Dance Tek Warriors

In Key Stage 4 we currently offer both the RSL in Creative Studies: Performance Skills and the AQA GCSE Dance qualification. Students of GCSE Dance are encouraged to develop their previous dance experience within the course. GCSE students are required to express and communicate ideas and concepts through the processes of performance, choreography and critical appreciation, with emphasis on the contemporary style of dance. The RSL in Creative Studies: Performance Skills qualification encourages students to develop their understanding and appreciation of performing arts. Students have the opportunity to explore and develop a range of skills and techniques through workshops in a variety of dance styles. Pupils are required to complete a detailed ongoing review of their dance skills, identifying their strengths and areas to develop as well as setting achievable targets for improvement.

In years 12 and 13 students can opt to study the AQA A-Level Dance course. The course consists of two components. In Component 1 there are two practical dance tasks; two tasks are based on Performance and the other task is on Choreography. The performance task requires students to develop and apply the knowledge, understanding and skills required to perform dance, as a soloist and in a quartet. The solo performance should strive to encapsulate the style of a chosen dance practitioner, whereas the quartet performance requires students to perform in any dance style relevant to a defined list of genres. Within the choreography section, students must learn how to create an original piece of group choreography in response to an externally set task.

Component 2 is the written exam, students are required to critically engage with dance and understand the interrelationship between the creation, presentation and appreciation of dance. The written paper also requires students to develop and demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of dance through time and location relating to features of different dance styles including: modern dance, ballet and jazz dance.

For the 2020-21 start, Team Performing Arts are offering the Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Performing Arts. Contact Miss F. Price (Curriculum leader) for further information