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School PE Kit & GCSE PE Kit

All PE kit can now be purchased from school reception. 

Prices for core PE:

  • Red T-shirt – £10.00 (compulsory for all)
  • Red Jumper – £20.00 (recommended in the winter)
  • Red Rugby Shirt – £20.00 (recommended for outdoor games)
  • Gum Shield – £1.50 (compulsory for KS3 PE and all rugby players)

Prices for GCSE PE/BTEC Sport:

  • Black Polo – £15.00 (compulsory for all GCSE PE/BTEC Sport students)
  • Black Joggers – £20.00 (Optional)
  • Black Rain Jacket – £35.00 (Optional)
  • Black Shorts – £15.00 (Optional)
  • Black Jumper – £20.00 (Optional)

All pupils must have football or rugby boots for games that are played on the school field.  This is for the health and safety of each pupil.  Pupils who do not bring in the correct footwear will be given boots to wear and normal sanctions will apply. 

Any problems please contact Mr. Bright at the school.

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