September Galleries

Monday 2nd September

We welcome years 7, 11 and 12 back to school.  The rest of the year groups return on Tuesday 3rd September for an 8.40am start. 


Year 7

Please arrive to the hall for an 8.40am start.  Wear full school uniform and bring some trainers for the team building activities.

Lunch is provided for you on day 1.  You might like to bring a drink and a snack.


Year 11

Arrive to the Sports Hall for a 9am start.  You should be wearing full and correct school uniform. 

You will need your equipment (pens, pencils etc).


Year 12

Please arrive to the hall for a 9.10am start.  Today, you can dress down as we will start with team building activities.  We suggest comfortable shoes and clothes.  There will be lessons later in the day.