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Year 7 & 12 Information/Tutor Evening

Thursday 27th September 2018

Year 7/12 & 13 Information/Tutor Evening

 The purpose of the event is to ensure that you have as much information as you need to support your son/daughter in either their first important year at secondary school or in the Sixth Form. You will also have the opportunity to book an appointment to meet your child’s Tutor and discuss how he/she has settled in so far.

Information Presentations

There will be two presentations for Year 7 and for Year 12 during the event.

Please allow time to attend one of these talks. Both will last approximately 20minutes.

Year 7: 

Presentations held in the Hall. These will be at 5pm & 6pm.

Year 12:

Presentations held in the Church. These will be at 4.30pm & 5.30pm.


Tutor Appointments

You can book your appointment on this link

Year 7: Appointments are available between 5pm & 6pm.

Year 12: Appointments are available between 4pm & 6.15pm.

Year 13: Appointments are available between 5pm & 6pm.


Extra information:

  • There will be an IT support room for parents/carers with any issues or questions around all of our online learning platforms.
  • For Year 7 a selection of your child’s work will also be available to look at in the main building.
  • The Community Leaders, the SENCO & the Key Stage 3 Raising Standards Leader will be in the Olive Grove where you are welcome to take refreshments and meet with them. The Director of Sixth Form and the Sixth Form Administrator will also be available.We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 27th September.

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