Curriculum Leader: Mr J Bulger

Subject Leader: Mr J Bulger:

Media GCSE is an academic course and is assessed mostly by examination, as well as 30% Practical coursework produced in class using Photoshop software. GCSE content is taught from year 10 onwards, meaning that media terminology, analysis and writing skills are initially taught in year 9.

In year 10 students study a range of media platforms, including TV sitcoms, advertisements, newspapers and magazines. In year 11 the remainder of the course is covered, including platforms such as radio, gaming and music videos, as well as completing the practical element of the course, which is a choice between producing an original magazine or film poster.

Each exam will focus on ‘set products’ from each media platform which students will have analysed in class, determining their meaning and portrayal of different characters etc. Students will also learn about the business side of the media and how audiences are identified and targeted, through the study of the set products.



A Level Media Studies is offered at KS5. The A Level provides an excellent pathway from GCSE Media Studies or as a new option for those wishing to study the impact of the Media. The A Level centres around the media concepts of audience, institution, representation and media language. It allows students the opportunity to analyse a range of texts from print, broadcast and e-media. The subject encourages students to think critically about what they consume in the media as well as developing their skills as media producers with the coursework element