Curriculum Leader: Mr D Hughes

Subject Leader(s):
D. Mackey (

Fortnightly Lessons:
Year 7 – 1 lesson
Year 8 – 1 lesson

1 skill to be practised a term. It is expected to be practised from lesson 2 weekly.

Year 7 Topics:
Rhythm and Pulse, Vocal Music, Gamelan, Theme and Variation, Programme and Graphic Scores, Instruments of the Orchestra

Year 8 Topics:
12 Bar Blues, Music Technology, Sing like a Pop Star

Useful Resources: (Music Theory) (BBC Bitesize) (Incredibox – Beat boxing)

At KS4, Music can be studied as an option at BTEC Level 2 (First Award).  The qualification will cover introductory skills in Music listening, performance, music composition, sequencing techniques, and audio manipulation and music production.  The course is assessed through a combination of coursework and music listening exam, which covers music analysis, genre, instrumentation, and legalities of the music industry. Students who choose to study Music at KS4 are strongly encouraged to have a significant role in public performances and events, particularly the annual music concert.

The Music and Media industry is in a constant state of flux; with traditional record sales diminishing, the live music industry has exploded into action.  Live concerts are now recorded, mixed and distributed across on demand streaming services, or pay per download stores.  The way in which Music in consumed is changing, the rapid growth of the Media Sector over the last ten years has created many opportunities for audio professionals from sound design and composition for moving picture, to audio technologies for games and mobile phones. This Level 3 BTEC Subsidiary Diploma is designed to give you a solid grounding in the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you will need to succeed in this exciting industry. Units covered in the first year: Sound Creation & Manipulation Sequencing Systems & Techniques Music Production Techniques  

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