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James Higgins receives the Elliot-Rose Trophy

Monday 27th January 2020

It was with great pleasure to finally be able to hand over the Elliot-Rose Hornby ‘Reading Champion’ award to James! 

Elliot-Rose Hornby suddenly and unexpectedly died earlier this year. She was a huge loss to our school community. She loved reading and was often seen around school carrying the latest, often enormous, book she was reading.

It was decided in conversation with her parents, friends and staff at the school that one of the ways in which Saint George’s will remember her and celebrate her life would be through an annual award entitled: The Elliot-Rose Hornby Prize. The prize recognises pupils who demonstrate that same passion for reading. The pupil who has won this prize has been described as ‘devouring books’. He read over 4,000,000 words last year (that works out at 11,000 a day) and, I am led to believe, is on track to match or even exceed that this year.

We were honoured to have Mr and Mrs Hornby with us at the Cathedral to present the Elliot-Rose Hornby prize.


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