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Letter to Parents – 15th April 2020

Wednesday 15th April 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

I hope that you and your families are well and that you have had a peaceful Easter.

Thank you for your messages of support and thanks. I have forwarded them on to staff, who have really appreciated them.

With the new term starting tomorrow, I am writing to you to outline the new timetable changes for the next term and beyond.

Following feedback from pupils, parents and staff, we have reduced the number of lessons that will be available in google classrooms.

Year 7 and 8
Pupils will have 4 lessons a fortnight of English, Maths and Science and 2 lessons a fortnight of their other subjects

Year 9 and 10
Pupils will have 6 lessons a fortnight of English, Maths and Science. And 3 lessons a fortnight of their option subjects.

Year 12
We have not changed the timetables for year 12 pupils, instead we have asked the teachers to liaise with their groups to find the most convenient times for teaching. This will be a more flexible arrangement than with other year groups, which will suit the independent style of learning required for A level study, whilst still giving the pupils as much support as we can.

I hope that this is more manageable for all concerned. These changes have been made to the timetables and can be accessed on Insight.

Those pupils in years 7-9 who have previously requested work packs will receive a call on Thursday to check how the work is going.

Additional activities
We will be adding a wellbeing section to the website which will include some additional suggestions of some activities that your son or daughter may wish to try. These will be aimed at helping maintain both physical and mental wellbeing. We expect this to be available by Friday 24th April. We will also be sending out a reading list of suggested books that your child could read, many of which will be available online. We would recommend trying to encourage them to read for an hour each day.

Year 8 pathways
I know year 8 pupils are concerned about their pathways for year 9. We have made the decision to extend KS3 into year 9 and run the pathways process next Easter. This would then mean that they would be doing their GCSEs in Year 10 and 11. This is not an unusual situation and many schools run two-year KS4 courses. This additional time will be used to fully prepare the pupils for KS4 and will allow us time to give them all the support, advice and guidance that they need in order to make informed GCSE choices.

Year 11 and 13
For the majority of Year 11 and 13, lessons will have finished. We have sent you the guidance from the government concerning how grades will be allocated. As you will have read, we must keep our predicted grades confidential. This is because all grades will be moderated by the exam board and so will be subject to change. The grades will be awarded in July. If you are unhappy with the grade awarded, then there will be the opportunity to resit the exams next Autumn.

We will arrange a time later in the year, when year 11 and 13 can meet with their friends to say a proper goodbye to each other and to Saint George’s.

As we receive more information about future developments, we will let you know. Thank you all for your support at this very difficult time.

Please continue to follow the social distancing guidance and stay safe

Matthew Lillie
Head of Secondary School

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