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Sensory Garden build

Thursday 24th June 2021

Gardening SOS

Calling all Gardeners and Local Businesses

We are creating a small sensory and diversity garden and the space is pretty bad right now although it has a beautiful acer tree. The purpose for the garden is for students to reflect and take responsibility for growing the herbs and plants and embrace our values of creativity and stewardship. As with all plans, funds are limited. Beardwell Construction are supporting us brilliantly with some labour and their awesome expertise as well as some work experience opportunities for our students but we have a shopping list that we need YOUR help for:


70 sqm of good quality turf

10 sqm artificial turf

40 slabs of designer slabs (e.g York stone or marble)




Large chains (for a water feature)

4 x 2m Fence posts


5 tons of top soil

Outdoor bean bags


If you are able to help out (or can talk to a business who can!) with donating any of these items (or in part), then our garden can become a reality to benefit students in so many ways!

For further details please contact Miss Cutler or Ms Jordan

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