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Virtual Learning Day

Friday 16th October 2020

We wrote to you last week about the forthcoming ‘Virtual Learning Day’ on Tuesday 3rd November, 2020.
Here is a reminder of the plan for the day with some additional information.
Year 7 students:
• Year 7 students must arrive at school during the usual window (by 8.55am)
• They will be directed to one of our IT suites where they will be supported as they navigate their remote learning here on site.
• We will also be running some team building sessions and the flu vaccinations will go ahead as planned.
• Year 7 students do not need to be in uniform and should wear comfortable clothing.
• Students should bring their own headphones to allow them to access pre-recorded lessons.
All other year groups.
• Years 7-13 will learn from home and follow their normal timetable (including registration)
• Students can expect lessons to follow a variety of formats including full or partial live lessons, pre-recorded videos and other high quality independent learning tasks.
• Students who cannot access remote learning from home, or cannot be accommodated at home due to childcare issues will be catered for in school and should arrive at the usual time. You must notify us if this is the case so that we can ensure we sufficient devices available. They do not need to be in uniform.
• Students who are entitled to free school meals can still order their food using the Fusion APP and will permitted on site to collect their lunch from the Olive Grove between 1.10pm – 1.50pm.
• Scheduled Autumn exams will go ahead as planned.
Finally, please contact me directly by Wednesday 21st October to inform us if you have childcare issues or your child cannot access remote learning. Please let us know if your children will be sharing devices at home so that teachers can be aware of this during the day. We hope that students and staff will enjoy the day, and develop confidence in using our remote learning systems.
Thank you. 
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