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Virtual Learning Day

Monday 12th October 2020

Dear Parents,

We are writing to inform you of an additional date added to our school calendar.  Given the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, we feel it would be beneficial to hold a ‘Virtual Learning Day’ on Tuesday 3rd November, 2020.  This will involve all students in Years 8 to 13 learning from home on this day, with year 7 students learning from our IT suites here in school.  This date coincides with their flu vaccinations and will allow us to provide guidance and support for our less experienced remote learners.

The purpose of this day is to provide the opportunity for the entire school community to practise for an unforeseen lockdown situation.  We are in the process of training all students to use Microsoft Teams to enhance the quality of our remote curriculum provision.  We want everyone in our community, staff and students alike,  to develop confidence in using this platform to ensure that student learning is not disrupted should we find ourselves having to send home bubbles of students, or being faced with a local or national lockdown. It will also allow us to identify and tackle any unforeseen barriers to learning which may arise when our whole community is learning remotely. 

If you are unable to accommodate your child at home for this Virtual Learning Day, or your child is unable to access remote learning from home I would ask you to email me directly by Wednesday 21st October to inform our planning.

Our teaching staff have worked extremely hard this term to provide remote learning for students having to isolate at home in addition to managing their in-school timetable.   Thank you for the words of encouragement and support you have offered us throughout this period, it means a lot to our whole school community.   Your feedback is invaluable and in response we are in the process of creating a remote learning section of our website so that from Term 2 it will much easier for you to access high-quality curriculum plans from home if an individual in your family is having to quarantine.   I have also attached some parent and student protocols which you may find useful, particularly in relation to live lessons.

Please do keep your feedback coming, and thank you once again for your continued patience and support.

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