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Year 11 Virtual Parent Interviews

Wednesday 11th November 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Year 11 Virtual Parent Interviews – Thursday 26th November 2020 or Tuesday 1st December 2020

We are writing to invite you and your son/daughter to the event mentioned above. This is the first Parent Interview event scheduled this academic year for Year 11 and it has been designed as an opportunity for you to hear from subject teachers on how your son/daughter has settled back into school and are progressing in their subjects.  

Due to the current situation society finds itself, and the fact we are unable to host events involving large numbers, this evening will take place online, using video appointments, on our Parent Evening System.  Subject staff will be available for up to 3 hours a day, until 7pm, for pre-booked appointments.  Please check their available times carefully when making your appointments.  The attachment will also remind you of how to book appointments with your child’s teachers.  You can book your appointments directly via the online system, using this link, which can also be found on our website,

There will be two dates for the Year 11 Parent Interviews but only half of the year group will be able to book appointments on one date.  The Year group will be split as follows:

  • Thursday 26th November, 2020 – appointments can be made for 11Y students from 12-11-2020

  These students have double maths on a Week B, Tuesday, periods 1 and 2

  • Tuesday 1st December, 2020 – appointments can be made for 11Z students from 17-11-2020

            These students have double maths on a Week B, Monday, periods 1 and 2

For all staff, parents and students this will be the first experience in using a video appointment so please watch the start of this short presentation (approximately 2 minutes) on how this will work.  The presentation can be found via this link: .  You must log onto a device that has a camera and microphone to make the most of these appointments.  You will not be called by the school; you simply log on to the booking system and join subject appointments via your schedule.  Please take some time to look at the “Top Tips” at the end of this letter.

Please be aware the online system, and not the tutor, is “in control” of the start and end times of the appointment.  The appointment timer will start at the scheduled time not the time everyone joins the appointment so please be ontime.  When the visible countdown timer reaches zero the video appointment will end.  The teacher you are meeting with is unable to override this so, if you run out of time, please remember you can email your son/daughter’s tutor with anything you were unable to discuss.

Saint George’s has an impressive record of excellent results and this is down to the incredible hard work of staff and students alike. We cannot do this without you, as educational research indicates that students who are supported at home achieve far better than their contemporaries.  Therefore, we would all appreciate your attendance at this important event.


We look forward to seeing you at the Parent Interviews.

Yours sincerely,                               

L. Shibli

Mrs N Shibli

Assistant Head Teacher


  • Make sure you leave space between appointments – if you are late for an appointment you will have less time with the teacher as the timer starts its countdown at the scheduled time regardless of attendance
  • You cannot book appointments on the night so book as soon as you can when the booking open
  • Use a device with a camera and a microphone
  • You will need to ‘join the call’ by being on the parent evening booking platform and clicking into the appointment at the required time
  • Do not sit in front of a window – you will be a silhouette to the other person
  • Prepare a couple of questions in advance to ask the teacher
  • Keep formalities brief – the timer will get to zero quicker than you think!
  • Focus on how your child is progressing in the subject
  • Remember the appointment will be ended by the system not the teacher so keep an eye on the timer
  • If you run out of time send the relevant teacher an email to ask anything you were unable to get answered in the allocated time
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