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Years 7-9 Milestones

Monday 16th November 2020

Milestones (Homework) for Years 7-9. 

Milestones are given as a replacement for homework at key stage 3.  They support the students in developing transferable skills such as independence, planning and time management and are set through Microsoft Teams.  Subject areas have assigned a ‘milestone’ for students in the same way that they set an assignment for students to complete on the Virtual Learning Day.   

As parents/carer, you can ask your child to log onto Microsoft Teams so you can see the work they have been set.  Students will have 4 weeks to complete the work set.  All Milestone work will be available on Microsoft Teams by November 12th 2020 and the final deadline for submitting all of their work will be December 10th.  However, please be aware, teachers may set interim deadlines to help keep students on track.  All work is to be submitted via Microsoft Teams so that teachers can access it through the system and provide feedback.  Teachers have run through this with students during lesson time so that they are clear on what they can expect and what they need to do.  If you have any questions please encourage your child to talk to their teacher first, or email your child’s subject teacher for support with any subject specific queries. 

Kind Regards, 

Mrs Clarkson.

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