Attendance & Punctuality

At Saint George’s we value regular attendance and good punctuality to school and lessons.  If you have concerns about your child’s attendance contact us early to seek advice and support.  Ms Fry, Families Officer, is dedicated to this role and can offer a wide range of strategies to support families and students.  We know that erratic attendance has a significant impact on learning, progress and attainment. The Headteacher and Governors at St George’s have a strong expectation that parents will support staff in their endeavours to ensure that every child is able to reach their full potential. We expect all students to aim for 100% attendance.

If your child’s attendance continues to present a concern the school will use the legal framework available. Initially this may be a Fixed Penalty Notice Warning letter and if matters do not improve a Fixed Penalty Notice or a referral to Kent County Council’s School Liaison Officer.

Parents and carers should be aware that the law regarding authorised absence changed in September 2013.  Headteachers may no longer grant leave for holidays, weddings etc.  A student may only be absent from school due to illness, medical appointments or in exceptional circumstances. If you chose to take your child out of school during term time for any other reason, you may be liable for a Fixed Penalty Notice.


Please Note:

We require all absences to be reported to the Attendance Officer before 10am daily (01474 533082 ext:222) Absences can also be reported on the Edulink app. Absence evidence must be supplied if your child is absent for more than 4 days. All Covid related absences require evidence of a positive PCR test, these can be emailed to Ms Fry.