Community Cup

Saint George’s Community Cup


This year, the School will be launching the first ever Community Cup competition. The competition will run throughout the year and provide students with the opportunity to organise community teams, lead and participate in a variety of sports and compete against their rival communities. Each week, one event (sport) will be hosted for a year group. The captains for each community will organise and lead a team in the event to earn points for their respective community. Each community will play against each other, with the communities awarded the following points:

1st – 12 points

2nd – 9 points

3rd – 6 points

4th – 3 points

Bonus points will also be awarded when teams reach a specified number of goals or points. Students will also have the opportunity to earn achievement points for demonstrating positive attributes such as leadership, encouragement, team work, honesty and determination.


The Community Cup has been introduced in order to provide students with the opportunity to participate and compete in a wider variety of sporting activities. Some of the activities in this year’s community cup will include: handball, lacrosse, softball and athletics. The competition also aims to promote an uphold the inclusive nature of sport at Saint George’s and maximise the opportunities for students to be physically active.

Proposed schedule (subject to change throughout the year):

Term 3 – Basketball/ netball

Term 4 – Football/ handball

Term 5 – Lacrosse/ cricket

Term 6 – Softball/ athletics

We look forward to seeing all of you at the Community Cup over the course of this academic year and wish all Communities the best of luck.

Mr Butler, Physical Education Dept.

Team Logos

Team Logos

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