School Meals

Saint George’s Church of England School is proud to have in-house catering for the school’s restaurant “The Olive Grove”.  This was developed in 2011 and the Head of Catering sources local food to provide fresh meals for our students from breakfast to break to lunch.  The school has successfully used a biometric cashless catering system since September 2008. This offers an instant payment method for our busy in-house Olive Grove school restaurant.

Breakfast and Breaktime

Breakfast and Breaktime food can now be bought in the olive grove without ordering on the app, simply Just pay at the till. Lunch is still to be ordered on the fusion app.

Breakfast Menu:

Breakfast Items Price
Double Bacon or Sausage Baguette £2.50
Single Bacon or Sausage  £2.00
Scrambled Egg & Bacon Wrap £2.70
2 x crumpets £1.20
2 x Slices of Buttered toast £1.00
Hot croissant £1.20
Hot choc au pain £1.30
Hot drinks 60p – £1.10


Breaktime Menu:

A selection will be available daily

Breaktime Items


Panini (various fillings)


Pitta pizza £1.30
Jumbo sausage roll £1.35
Vegan sausage roll £1.35
Steak slice £2.00
Cheese & onion slice £2.00
Double bacon/sausage £2.50
Double quorn sausage baguette £2.50



Fusion Mobile (Catering)


1 – Download the fusion mobile app by scanning the barcodes below or searching for it in the app store or play store.

2 – Open the app

3 – You will now be presented with the below screen, where you need to click on Sign Up

4 – Enter the onboarding code from the Login Details page of this booklet, and then click on proceed

5 – You will then be asked to enter an email address, password, and favourite colour, once you have completed this click on Register

6 – You now need to go to your emails and approve your account.

Placing an order

1 – On the first screen you see when you login, click on “ORDER YOUR FOOD”

2 – You will now get a screen asking you to choose the day you would like to place your order for, this can be any day up to 5 days in advance.

3 – Now you will be asked to make your choice, you need to choose 1 item from each section so that the headings turn green. You can only choose 1 option in each section!

4 – Click on View Basket, this will show you a screen that lists what you are ordering. Clicking “Confirm Order” will place your order and take the money from your account. 

5 – The final screen is a confirmation where you will get your order number and the option to cancel the order. This can be done up to 9am on the morning of the date you have ordered for. 

Free School Meals

For more information about Free School Meals and applying for them please follow this link

Downloadable school menu