Outdoor Learning

Subject Leader: Mrs H Palmer


Outdoor Learning

At Saint George’s Primary Phase, Outdoor Learning plays a huge part in our creative curriculum. We believe children learn best through active, outdoor play and exploration. Teaching staff incorporate the outdoors into all areas of the curriculum, helping to develop a sense of belonging and a love of learning. Children develop new skills and knowledge through learning outside and these skills and knowledge can be transferred to other areas of learning, which may take place more traditionally inside. Outdoor learning gives children positive learning experiences which help to develop their self-esteem and confidence. Children’s social and emotional development is very important to us and being outside in the natural environment can be very calming for children. They are also able to socialise with their peers, in more spacious open areas such as Forest School.

All of our primary children take part in weekly Forest School sessions as part of our Outdoor Learning. We are very lucky to have a designated Forest School area on our school site which is spacious and secure. During Forest School sessions children take part in a range of activities such as; den building, mini-beast hunts, tree/leaf classification, fire lighting, marshmallow toasting and tree climbing to name a few! Our children look forward to these sessions and our staff enjoy seeing our children at one with nature.

(Please see our Forest School Policy for more information.)


Children are given various opportunities to engage in activities which will develop their appreciation of the natural environment.

Planned activities and child-initiated exploration will enrich children’s learning across all areas of the curriculum.


All classes will be allocated one session of Forest School each week, which will take place in our Forest School area.

Science learning is linked closely to Forest School/outdoor learning to ensure children can practice these scientific skills independently.

Wildlife area to be open during playtimes for all children.

Annual trips to farms, the beach and other locations offer additional outdoor learning opportunities.

Activities are planned to enhance learning across all subjects.


Children will develop an appreciation of seasonal change, plant growth, animal habitats and natural materials.

Children will be able to talk about the features of different environments and appreciate the impact we can have on the environment both locally and globally.

Children will develop a sense of responsibility for looking after their immediate environment, linking to our Christian Value of Stewardship.

Children will develop their resilience and problem solving skills as well as being given the opportunities to work in a team.

Forest School Policy