At Saint George’s Primary Phase, all of our children are part of our Community Teams. Our Community Teams are Canterbury, Rochester, Salisbury and York. Children are allocated a Community Team on entry to our school and siblings are placed in the same Community Team.  Community Teams will have children from every age group in.

Children will gain Community points for demonstrating good behaviour, working hard and for following and demonstrating our Christian Values of Creativity, Honesty, Resilience, Inclusion, Stewardship and Thankfulness. The Community points are added up with a weekly running total which is displayed in the school hall. The winning Community for each term is announced during our Celebration Assembly and the winning Community chooses a reward for the following term.

Within each class we have class rewards. In Hedgehogs (Year R) the children are awarded raffle tickets for their good behaviour and for working hard and demonstrating our Christian Values. Each raffle ticket earnt has that child’s name on it and it is placed in a class pot. The amount of raffle tickets earned are collated as Community points for each child. At the end of each week, one raffle ticket is picked from the raffle ticket pot and the chosen ticket owner wins a small prize!

In Badgers (Year 1) and Squirrels (Year 2) the children earn Dojo points for their good behaviour and for working hard and demonstrating our Christian Values. Each Dojo point is then collated as a Community point. The child with the most Dojo points each week receives a special Dojo certificate and a small prize!

Each week we hold a Celebration Worship where one child per class is awarded the ‘Star of the Week’ certificate. Each week our winners are featured in our school newsletter. We also award 100% Attendance certificates at the end of each term, to those children who have been in school every day.