Cashless Catering


Saint George’s Church of England School has successfully used a biometric cashless catering system since September 2008.This offers an instant payment method for our busy in-house Olive Grove school restaurant.

A students’ account can be credited by:

  • ParentPay web service –  parent receives a log-in and password (preferred option).
  • Cheque payable to SAINT GEORGES CE SCHOOL with student name and Tutor Group on the reverse. Please forward for the attention of the School Finance Office.
  • Students’ can use the coin & note cash machines in school using their fingertip verification (not our preferred option as certain benefits are removed see below).

Benefits of Cashless Catering –

  • It enables the students to be served more efficiently and quickly and keep queues to a minimum.
  • It ensures complete confidentiality for students entitled to free school meals. FSM students will need to top-up their credit in any of the above ways if they wish to purchase items in addition to the free school meal.
  • It is a unique verification. No one else can use the studentís fingertip.
  • No need for payment of lost or broken cards (for card system).
  • It helps to prevent bullying, by ensuring that students no longer need to carry cash to school.
  • It ensures that money provided by parents to pay for schools meals is used only for that purpose.
  • It provides parents with the knowledge that their child is eating at lunchtime.

Please note that it is not the responsibility of the school or our caterers to ensure that pupils have funds available in order to eat and drink at break and lunch times. Please ensure that your son/daughter has the necessary funds to purchase a meal each day. This will help us to reduce queuing times and thus provide a better lunchtime experience for all.

The best way to ensure funds are available is by online payment using ParentPay. This system promotes our cashless policy, ensures your money is spent only within the canteen and allows you to check exactly what items have been purchased each day. If you are interested in using this, please email for further details.


All students and staff are enrolled using the VeriCool enrolment software. There are three steps to this process:

  1. Parental consent is obtained by the school.
  2. Capture of digital fingertip signature from the middle finger of each hand, which is then encrypted.
  3. Capture of 2D photograph of the individual’s face for visual identification at the point of sale.

As shown above, most of the fingerprint data is discarded and only a limited number of random points on the finger are retained. These are not stored as images but are converted into a code made up of random letters and numbers. The process is irreversible and is of no use to any other system.

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