Governors’ Details

Name Expiry of Term
Mrs Liz McLavy (Parent) 31st December 2017
Mr Stephen Carey (Headteacher) N/A
Mr Colin Leeke (Stafff) 9th December 2018
Mrs Joanne De’ath 8th July 2021
Rev. Joe King 1st August 2018
Mrs Sheila Oag 31st August 2018
Mr Richard Wallis 1st September 2018
Mr Keith Knight 30th November 2017
Mr Charles Byrom 16th December 2017
Mr Vic Twine 18th January 2018


Co-Opted Governors

Name Expiry of Term
Mr John Harding 6th July 2020
Mrs Susan Glover 4th July 2018


Register of Business Interests

Register of Business Interests