Positive Feedback

just wanted to say a little Thank you from my son. We are so grateful, he feels so safe with all those around him and this shows in his personal growth and development.

Have a fab day…..2nd day in already can’t believe how easy we all slip back in to the routine!

Dear Saint George’s Primary,

This morning I attended the prospective parents tour and talk. I must say I was very impressed right from the start. I received a very warm welcome from your office staff and I was greeted by Steve Carey (who was my English teacher during my own time at Saint George’s!) who asked for my honest feedback. The refreshments were a very welcome gesture which I have not received at any other school I have looked at. It also made a pleasant change for the children to be catered for with the opportunity of play and creative activities during the talk. This allowed the parents the time to listen to what the staff had to say. It’s clear that the teachers are as passionate about the primary school as they are about the secondary school. Although the primary is very new it is clear that the Saint George’s ethos and vision are ingrained in the very bones of the school. 

It’s great to hear that there is much collaboration between the primary and secondary and fantastic that the secondary teachers are utilised to teach their specialities to the younger ones. As a prospective parent I felt a little bit nervous about applying for a place at a brand new school. There is no historical Ofsted inspections to look at and no reputation among parents about what the school is actually like. It was lovely to hear what the children had to say about their school and it was a privilege to see them engaged in their learning while we were touring the school. Perhaps, for future talks, some testimonies from parents would be a useful addition? Any apprehensions I have about applying for the September 2020 intake have been allayed. 

Please congratulate all staff and children for making us feel so welcome and for expanding the Saint George’s community. You have created a wonderful school! 


Pupil wellbeing is at the centre of everything they do. Cannot praise the school enough for how they support children and families. Would recommend the school to all!

Fantastic family feeling and my daughter is having the best time! Care for her as a whole person and not just academically (which is brilliant too). She got to take part in the light parade after an art workshop to make the lantern!