Careers & Life Skills

From this September years 8 to 10 will all receive a career’s lesson once a fortnight, these lessons will explore what career options are available to them and will be interactive and mainly discussion based. They will explore the various professions and work force will have companies and individual people come into lesson a to show them what it’s like to work in retail, or to work as an engineer. They will also look at further education such as apprenticeships, college and university.

Year 11 are having an interview with the leadership team as well as an Independent Careers advisor to explore their choices and to support them in making them. They will also be having careers and life skills lessons once per fortnight focusing on the skills and knowledge they need for their next steps.


Years 13 will also be having an interview with an Independent Careers Advisor. Careers and Life Skills will be delivered through tutor time and guided independent research by their tutor.   


Year 12 will have Careers and Life Skills delivered through tutor time and guided independent research by their tutor.  

All sixth form students will have access to a Resourced Careers Room where they will be able to conduct independent research into career paths as well as discuss career options with the Careers Lead.

Choosing a University


Find a University or select a degree course to help you make choices for the future by clicking here


Help with writing your personal statement click here

UCAS – Year 13 – Important dates

Please find the UCAS Key Dates for applications Here through the process starting in term 5 of year 12.

Personal Statements – Year 12

The deadline for draft personal statements for all year 12 is the end of June. Whether students are going to university or not, having a personal statement allows them to consider there strengths and weaknesses and interests whatever route they chose. The activities to support students are in their Careers and Development Google Classroom

Careers and Development Google Classrooms

Activities including personality tests, choices, investigating different careers, CV writing and UCAS applications are all available in each year group’s new Google Classroom. Do encourage your child to complete the activities as this will help them to make choices in year 10 and 12 for the next steps for their future.

University and Student Finance

Many parents and students are concerned about the debt their child may incur from attending university. Frightening headlines in the press haven’t helped parents who are quite rightly confused by student loans.

If your  child is considering university, please do read some of these helpful articles on “Beware paying Uni Fees upfront” “Student loans decoded” “Student Finance for parents” “What you repay – Student loans”  . If you are still concerned, please contact Ms Jordan


There are many good resources for finding apprenticeships. Within school we use,  Findanapprenticeship, and Springpod. Do review these with your child as it can become overwhelming with the choice available. Looking at the apprenticeships allows will help your child to get focussed for their exams as there will be a required entry level.