Why Choose Saint George's?



The choice of secondary school is one of the most difficult and significant decisions that discerning parents or guardians have to make.

Our school was founded in 1580 and has a long tradition of working within the Gravesham community. Our motto ‘All Different, All Equal, All Flourishing’ emphasises our Christian belief that the skills and interests of all students should be developed, recognising and valuing their unique worth and God-given talents.

Our goal is to ensure each student realises their potential and leaves Saint George’s as a responsible, confident and articulate young person, fully prepared for adult life. Saint George’s is a Church of England school but that does not mean you have to attend church to come here.


We are distinctively Christian, whilst valuing and welcoming those of other faiths. Christian worship and RE are important to us and we seek to encourage respect for the beliefs of others. Our Christian ethos permeates everything we do; we welcome students of all faiths and no faith. We encourage our students to develop an understanding of people who are different from themselves and we offer opportunities to all students to succeed with our broad curriculum.


As a comprehensive school, we reflect ‘real life’ by allowing our students to mix with boys and girls of all abilities and from a wide range of backgrounds. We believe this is the best way to equip them for adult life. We do not, however, tolerate anti-social behaviour, and expect our parents to support us in this.

What does it mean to be a Church school?

Saint George’s is a school with a Church Foundation. This reflects our school’s history and the involvement of the Church of England in the education of young people in their communities. It does not mean that only those with a Christian faith can attend Saint George’s, but everyone is expected to respect the teachings of the Christian faith and adhere to our mission statement of ‘All Different, All Equal, All Flourishing’. Christian values underpin this statement, and place
emphasis on service and compassion; thankfulness and hope, and respect for the earth as God’s creation. Above all, we believe in the potential of each student to succeed, recognising that Jesus cared equally for all people, regardless of race, gender or social background.

Steve Carey

Executive Headteacher 

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“Leadership is outstanding”

Ofsted 2013