PE Clubs 

We will be starting by offering boys football and girls netball clubs to Years 7 & 8 in term 1. As can be seen from the PE clubs table, this will work on a rotation basis and students can only attend the session on the day assigned to your half of the year. (Week A will be for Year 7, with 7Z clubs running on a Tuesday and 7Y clubs running on a Wednesday. Week B will be for Year 8, with 8Z clubs running on a Tuesday and 8Y clubs running on a Thursday.)  


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday



Morning Stretch Yoga/ Strech Sequences All Years

L Cutler

Power Wave All Years

G Bright


A Poppy

Just Dance Club All Years

L Cutler

Table Tennis All Years

J Cunningham


1:10pm- 1:45pm 

Dodgeball KS3 

A Poppy 

7 Kicks Football

Year 7 Girls- Beginners Only

L Cutler

Badmington All Years

J Cunningham

Basketball Year 9 & 10

G Bright

Gymnastics All Years

L Chenu

After School




C Taylor


Girls Football

L Cutler

Boys Rugby (Years 9 & 10)

G Bright & C Knight


Netball Year 7-11

L Chenu

Boys Rugby Years 7 & 8

G Bright & C Knight

Boys Football KS4 Boys

J Cunningham



American Football KS4

J Golding

Girls Rugby

S. Neighbour

Boys Football Years 7 & 8

K Harris & A Poppy

MMA Fighting 

Sixth Form

J Bulger




M Moss

Staff Badmington

C Taylor


On the day the club runs the students will have PE that day and will already be in PE kit so there will be no need to get changed for the club.

At the end of the school day, bring all your belongings to either the hard courts in front of the PE block for netball, or to the astroturf for boys football and you will be met by the teacher(s) leading your club who will tell you what to do.

(*NB – on the astro you are not allowed to wear metal studded boots, moulded studs or astroturf trainers only!)

At the end of the session, each student will be free to go home, the same as they would at the end of the school day. Teachers will not expect parents on school site during the session or to collect them at the end.

Throughout the year there are extra rehearsals for specific events. Including:

  • Dance Show
  • Humanities Celebration Evenings
  • Rochester Cathedral
  • Christmas Carol Concert
  • Festival day