Hello and welcome to Canterbury (Blue) Community.

We are a successful, family community with many of the tutors leading their groups for several years. Mrs Bowker is now Community Leader. We hope to continue to be competitive and look for success in every area of school life.

We also strive to earn as many achievement points as possible by doing the right thing every day and going the extra mile in competitions like the on-going Penny Drive and raising funds for our chosen charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital.



What makes Canterbury unique is our competitive spirit by always striving to be the best in fundraisers, attendance, achievement, and behaviour. Every child in Canterbury is part of our Community family and contributes to making our Community special through our Christian values of Charity (raising awareness and funds), Hope (aiming to improve ourselves and others), Respect for Creation (improving our school and local community), Service (helping others) and Thankfulness (for having such a wonderful group of students and tutors).

Canterbury staff


Community Leader – Mrs C Bowker

Blue 1 Tutor – Mr J Ward

Blue 2 Tutor – Mr R Harrison

Blue 3 Tutor – Ms J Sargant

Blue 4 Tutor – Mrs K Whitehead

Blue 5 Tutor – Mrs A Sehgal

Blue 6 Tutor – Ms R Goldberg

Blue 7 Tutor – Mrs G Mashiri

Blue 11 Tutor – Mr B Walker

Technician Tutor – Mr D Mackey

Blue 8 Tutor – Mr D Tilley