Exam & Mock Information

Sixth Form students will experience a number of mock exam periods throughout their Year 12 and 13 journey. Each mock period will have a study plan that students are expected to follow. These plans will include all mocks/exams, lessons and immersion sessions. It is vital that students attend all detailed lessons and immersions were necessary so that they are fully supported in the lead up to any AS/A2 exams and/or mocks. All future study plans will be published under this section of our website along with a letter outlining how each mock/exam period will work.  

Dates for exams and mocks will be posted here: 



Official A Level results for Year 13 will be released on A Level Results Day. The June Mock 3 results for Year 12 will be released prior to the Summer holidays.

If you have any concerns/queries please contact the school.

Exam Letter & Study Plan