Exam & Mock Information

Sixth Form students will experience a number of mock exam periods throughout their Year 12 and 13 journeys. These are referred to as PPE’s at Saint George’s. 

During a PPE period timetabled lessons will be suspended & students will have study periods and exams. Students are able to complete study periods either at home or in our study centre. PPE’s are run in a way to simulate the real exam experience and all exam regulations are expected to be followed. Students should arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the PPE or real exam. 

Dates for exams and mocks will be posted here: 

Year 12

Tuesday 3rd May 2022 – Friday 13th May

Year 13

 Official A Level / Level 3 results for Year 13 will be released on 18th August 2022 (A-Level Results Day). 

Parent Letter


Mock Exam Timetable