Work Experience

Why is it important?

The Importance of Work Experience. Employers prefer students with work experience. … Develop key skills: A work placement provides the opportunity for a student to develop key employability skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, communication and time management that employers look for.

How to arrange a placement?

Simply download the agreement form, print it and complete the relevant sections. This must be handed back into the Sixth Form Office. After this, go and enjoy the placement. On your last placement day make sure that the employer completes the ’employer report form’. This can be downloaded below. 

Sixth form work experience forms 

If you choose either virtual or in person work experience please ensure the following links are completed:

  • Parent Consent Form
  • In Person Employer Form (not required for Virtual)
  • Student Form

Please note that without the completed forms, you will not be unable to attend any work experience.


If you are seeking Virtual Work Experience, Speakers for Schools and Spring Pod have some excellent opportunities.