Student Life & Expectations

Student Life & Sixth Form Agreement

On entry into the Sixth Form you agree to abide by the Saint George’s Sixth Form Agreement. This is available for download below. This commits students to serious study, punctuality and full attendance at lessons, registration, independent study sessions and assemblies.

Saint George’s is proud of its strong reputation for looking after its students. Each student is assigned to a form group and a form tutor. This member of staff has responsibility for day to day contact and administration, as well as being someone to talk to about future plans, personal problems or difficulties with work. There is an enrichment programme in place that is based on the VESPA A Level Mind-set theory to ensure that students realize their full academic potential.

It is expected that students will take a large measure of responsibility for their own learning, working to longer deadlines than in the past, using their supervised independent study time constructively and asking staff for help and guidance when needed.

Teaching groups are smaller and often great emphasis will be placed on discussing concepts in class time, with reading and writing up of material being done in independent study time and at home. Students are expected to catch up on any work missed after absence at the first available opportunity. Attendance is monitored very closely.

There is an elected Head Boy and Girl who organize a number of events throughout the year. Each year there are fundraising events. Students are invited to contribute to the wider school community: coaching sports teams, assisting younger children with learning or personal difficulties or by accepting a greater degree of responsibility as subject representatives.

Sixth Form Business Attire

We expect Sixth Form students to set a good example to younger pupils with regard to behaviour and dress. School uniform is not required but we do, however, expect students to dress smartly and in a business-like manner. Boys should wear a shirt, Sixth Form tie, smart trousers and shoes. Girls should wear business dress, similar to what they would wear in a professional workplace or to a job interview as well as their Sixth Form Lanyard. All students receive an ID card that they are expected to carry. Failure to adhere to these expectations will see students sent home or, in rare cases where this is not possible, spend the remainder of the day in supervised study. The Sixth Form Business Attire is available for download below.

Financial Support within Sixth Form

The 16-19 bursary is a fund held by the school to support the education of students by removing barriers to learning that may exist due to financial constraints. The school administers the fund, usually in the form of contributions towards curriculum trips and the purchase of curriculum materials. The fund also provides termly payments to students. Eligibility to access the fund has to be judged each academic year. For further details please download the bursary letter and form from below.

Sixth Form Agreement, Business Attire, Bursary Details

Sixth Form Agreement


Sixth Form Business Attire


Sixth Form Bursary Letter


Sixth Form Bursary Fund Form


Enrichment with Tutors

Year 12 and 13 have separate tutors who specifically cater to their learning needs as they are on differing stages of their Sixth Form journey. Below is an outline of the enrichment programme offered within Sixth Form (as a download). 


Enrichment Programme

2019/20 Programme