Transition & Tasters

Events for Y11 students looking to join SGS’ Sixth Form

Every year prospective Sixth Form students and their parents are invited to attend our ‘GCSE to A Level Transition Evening’.  This event is especially designed to help ‘Make the ‘jump’. Students are welcomed by the Head of School who talks about the importance of vision and success whilst the Director of Sixth Form, reiterates the entrance process to Sixth Form including arrangements for GCSE results day and enrolment. Work for the Summer break is also issued at this point as it is proven that the most successful students undertake bridging work between GCSE and A Level study. Current Sixth Formers will always be available on the evening to help answer questions.

Date this year: Transition Evening – Thursday 11th July 2019 (6:30pm – 7:30pm).

After the Transition Evening prospective Sixth Formers always experience their first taste of sixth form life. They are able to sample numerous taster sessions in a variety of subjects over the day. In every session student representatives are available for the Year 11s to talk to and learn from. Study periods are also on offer for Year 11s to experience. Most importantly, students are able to check summer milestone work with prospective teachers and classmates.

Date this year: Taster Day – Friday 12th July 2019.

Summer milestone work will be given out. If you missed the evening the summer milestone work will be available for download below along with some of the resources needed for certain subjects.

Details of these events are always shared with Year 11 students at the Sixth Form interview stage and again, when  receiving a conditional offer letter from us. Attendance to both events is by invitation only. 

Summer Milestone - Y11 into 12

Milestone Card 2019


Biology Milestone Work


Finance Topic 1 Text


Finance Topic 2 Text


Finance Topic 3 Text


Finance Product Cards


Events for Y12 & 13 at the start of the academic year

Every year 12 student and their parents are invited to attend our ‘Year 12 Information Evening’.  This event is especially designed to help you learn about the year ahead for Year 12 and how best to support your son/daughter. Students are welcomed by the Director of Sixth Form, information about the AS year will be covered, there is an opportunity to ask questions and to meet your child’s Sixth Form tutor. Slides from the evening are available below for download.

Date this year: Information Evening (Year 12) – Thursday 27th Novemeber 2018. 

Year 13 students have a targeted Parent Interview evening with their son/daughter’s Sixth Form Tutor to review how the start of Year 13 has progressed for them. Subjects are discussed, concerns shared and interventions and support plans put in place.

Date this year: Tutor Evening (Year 13 Targeted) – Thursday 27th Novemeber 2018. 

Information Evening (Year 12)

Information Evening Presentation


Events for Y12 students when they are looking to transition into Year 13

Every Year 12 students and their parents are invited to attend our ‘Y12 into Y13 Transition ‘How to’ Evening’.  This event is especially designed to help ‘Make the ‘step up’ to A2. Students are welcomed by the Director of Sixth Form, who reflects on the year gone, together parents and their children review their current position within each subject studied, preparations for mocks are shared and how important these are to mark the end of Year 12. Students will be asked to write a letter to themselves; these will be given out by the Director of Sixth Form at various times during Year 13. The second half of the evening highlights the different options that the students will face after Year 13 so that they can cement their post 18 plans.

Date this year: Transition Evening – Monday 1st July 2019 (6:30-7:30pm).

Summer milestone work will be given out to Year 12 going into Year 13.