Student Voice

The Whole School Council is a place where Saint George’s students can come together to discuss different aspects of life at our school.  This includes raising money for charity, work with our local primary schools, making changes to the day to day life in the school and further enhancements to teaching and learning.  Teachers ask us for our feedback on different events and procedures and we can say what we like and feel about these!

The Whole School Student Council is made up of representatives from our larger Community Councils (reps from years R to 13) .  Whole School Council meeting notes are shared with the Leadership group and then their ideas are often acted upon.

The school council has already done lots of things to make Saint George’s an amazing place for students to learn and progress throughout the years.  A few of the things the school council have achieved are:

  • Given feedback on the schools SIT and DIRT policy which has then been used in staff training
  • Changed part of our uniform – the colour of the shield on your school badge reflecting your community colour came from us!
  • Created our anti-bullying policy
  • Organised a whole school ‘ colour run’
  • Raised lots of money for a number of different charities chosen as a community to support (usually cake sales or sponsorships!)
  • Raised awareness of key issues for young people (being Eco-friendly, Stonewall projects and competitions)
  • Delivered community worships

With regular meetings everyone gets to broadcast their ideas amongst the group. We are a happy bunch of students who are full of imagination wanting the best from our time at the school.

“Students are proud of their school. They describe it as a ‘really friendly’ place and praise the hard work of their teachers in providing individual support”



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