Work Experience

St George’s C of E School


Week beginning 26 June 2017.

Work experience offers many benefits for students.

It provides the opportunity for students to experience working in a variety of businesses; to have a taster of what their chosen work is actually like; to prepare them for the world of work and to help them in planning their future careers. It also enables students to see the connection between the subjects they learn at school and the world of work. Students will be able to learn a range of key skills that will help them make the most of opportunities available in adult life. These include making themselves understood when speaking and writing; working well with others – the important element being to engage effectively with adults in the workplace; planning their own learning; solving problems; using the telephone, computers and other information communication technology (ICT) and using numbers in the workplace.

Each student taking part will be given details of their placement. The details will contain vital information such as job title, placement and contact details, hours of working, dress code, lunch arrangements and any special requirements and also outlines some of the skills which can be developed from the placement.

Before work experience starts, students will contact their placement employers by telephone to introduce them and in some cases, to arrange a pre-placement interview. Some employers have requested a pre-placement interview so that they can meet and discuss the placement in more detail with the student.

Each student is responsible for making his/her own way to the placements. It is important that they arrive on time and do not leave before the stated time each day. If, for any reason, a student is not able to attend on any day of the placement, please contact the school and the employer immediately.

Students will receive training in school to prepare them for their work experience. During the placement, students will record their learning and development in a work experience diary.

Work Experience 2017


When do the work experience placements take place?  Week beginning 26 June 2017

Do students get paid?  Work Experience is part of the Work Related Learning entitlement and students are not paid for this. Some employers may offer subsidised lunches or travel costs.

What hours do the students work?  Each employer will provide information about the hours of work on the information sheet provided by them or will explain these to the student before the placement starts. It is important that the student arrives and leaves on time.

What type of work will the students be doing?   The outline tasks can be found on the placement details. These will vary according to the type of placement but may include communicating with staff and customers, administrative tasks as well as specific tasks relevant to the post.

What about fares to and from the placement? Each student is responsible for paying their own fare to and from the placement. It would be useful for the student to check bus/train timetables before the placement starts in order to determine how long it takes to arrive at their place of work.

What are the lunch arrangements? The students are encouraged to find out about lunch arrangements from their employer prior to the placement. Most employers suggest students bring a packed lunch.

What action do I need to make if the student is not able to attend the placement? It is important to make every effort to attend each day of the placement. In rare cases of sickness, telephone the school and the employer immediately.  Contact information for the employer can be found on the placement details.

The contact number for the school for work experience is 01474 533082

What if the student has concerns about the placement once it has started?  The student should contact the school immediately and discuss his/her concerns so that a solution can be found.

What is the dress code?  The placement details contain information about the dress code for each employer. If the student is unsure, he/she can confirm requirements at the pre-placement visit or by telephoning the employer.


Reminder Letter to Parents (2017)

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Student Application Form (2017)

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