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Year 7 & 12 Information/Tutor Evening

Thursday 27th September 2018

Year 7 Information and settling in afternoon

Re: Year 7 Information and settling in afternoon – Thursday 27th September

I am writing to invite you and your son/daughter to the Year 7 Information and settling in afternoon, which is being held on Thursday 27th September. 

You have the opportunity to book an appointment to meet your child’s Form Tutor and discuss how he/she has settled in so far.  You can book your appointment on this link

There will also be two presentations in the hall.  These will be at 5pm and 6pm and last around 20 minutes. Please allow time to attend one of these talks.

There will be an IT support room for parents/carers with any issues or questions around all of our online learning platforms.

A selection of your child’s work will also be available to look at in the main building.

The Community Leaders, the SENCO and the Key Stage 3 Raising Standards Leader will be in the Olive Grove where you are welcome to take refreshments and meet with them.

The purpose of the afternoon is to ensure that you have as much information as you need to support your son/daughter in their first important year at secondary school.

We have had a great year so far and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you as parents for the support you have shown the school during your child’s first few weeks with us.  Year 7 have had a fantastic start and have settled really well into our school community

I am sure you are aware that Saint George’s School now has an impressive record of excellent results and this is down to the incredible hard work of our staff and students alike. We cannot do this without you, as educational research indicates that students who are supported at home achieve far better than their contemporaries.  Therefore, we would all appreciate your attendance to this important event.

We look forward to seeing you on 27th September.

Yours sincerely

Mrs M Smith

Deputy Headteacher



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