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Saint George’s Career Show Ignites Young Minds for Future Success

Saint George’s recently hosted an engaging career show for pupils in Years 3 to 7, providing a glimpse into a variety of professional possibilities. The event, attended by esteemed companies from various sectors, aimed to inspire and inform the young minds about the diverse career paths available to them.

Among the notable companies present were Adam & Bowles Wealth Management and Clarence Place Wealth Management, offering insights into the world of financial management. Darent Valley Hospital made a significant contribution to the event, representing multiple departments, including Radiology, Pathology, Operating Department, Speech & Language, Physiotherapy, and Nursing. The hospital professionals interacted with the pupils, fostering an early interest in healthcare professions and the vital roles each department plays in patient care.

Football enthusiasts had the chance to connect with Ebbsfleet United FC, gaining exposure to the exciting world of sports management and the numerous roles that contribute to a successful football club.

GrainLNG from National Grid, Iron Mountain, D and J Services, JGF Electrical and Building Services, Port of London Authority and JAGS Property Group each brought their unique perspectives, showcasing the diverse opportunities available in energy, document management, the electrical and building industry, maritime and river transport and property services. These interactions broadened the students' understanding of industries critical to the functioning of our society.

The University for the Creative Arts added a touch of creativity to the event, encouraging students to explore careers in the arts. Their presence emphasised the significance of fostering creativity alongside traditional career paths.

This event is one of many organised by the Careers Team and what makes this one unique is the inclusion of the primary phase pupils. The success of the career show was evident in the words of one of the primary teachers, who shared, "My children came back absolutely buzzing from today; they had a great time, and many of them are already talking about what jobs they want." This enthusiastic response reflects the positive impact of such events in shaping the aspirations of young minds.

This career show provided a platform for students to explore a diverse range of career options. The interaction with professionals from various fields not only ignited curiosity but also planted the seeds for future aspirations. As these pupils continue on their educational journey, the insights gained from the career show will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping their future paths.