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50 Things Before I Leave Saint George's Primary

  1. Plant it, Grow it, Eat it
  2. Learn to play a musical instrument
  3. Visit a farm
  4. Represent the school
  5. Toast marshmallows on the fire
  6. Try food from around the world
  7. Create some wild art
  8. Visit a place of worship
  9. Perform in a public place
  10. Have a picnic in the park

11. Visit a library
12. Go on a residential or have a sleepover
13. Bake a cake
14. Make a home for a wild animal
15. Learn to skip
16. Go on a barefoot walk
17. Have responsibility - i.e. school councillor, librarian
18. Make a cup of tea
19. Plan and cook a meal
20. Sew on a button

21. Learn to ride a bike
22. Complete your cycling proficiency
23. Swim the width of a pool
24. Have a visit from an author
25. Complete a science experiment and use a Bunsen burner
26. Visit a museum
27. Join a club
28. Splash in puddles
29. Receive an achievement letter from school
30. Sing in front of an audience

31. Learn to tie your shoelaces
32. Learn about Stranger Danger
33. Write a letter and post it in a post box
34. Fly a kite
35. Count to ten in a foreign language
36. Make up your own dance and perform it
37. Tell a joke
38. Purchase an item from a shop
39. Take part in a sporting activity
40. Receive a visit from a member of the Emergency Services

41. Sign a song
42. Learn some basic First Aid
43. Visit a castle
44. Look for the stars and moon at night
45. Make a telephone call
46. Bring up a butterfly
47. Know my home address and telephone number
48. Learn the Lord's Prayer
49. Raise money for charity
50. Have a party/disco