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Curriculum Leader: Miss F Price -

Dance is the hidden language of the soul


Dance aims to provide students with a broad understanding of dance including choreography, performance and appreciation through both practical and theoretical work. This specification focuses on the aesthetic and artistic qualities of dance and the symbolic use of movement to express and communicate ideas.

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The Dance curriculum covers a broad spectrum of topics; these topics provide a greater social awareness of our local community and also provide an insight into the development of the Arts. The curriculum is designed to motivate and inspire our students, the topics are carefully considered ensuring that all genders and abilities can develop and flourish. Key skills are introduced at KS3 and are established and refined throughout the dance journey to ensure academic excellence at KS4 and KS5.


Students are provided with many opportunities for collaborative working; improvising, devising and performing. Lessons are carefully sequenced, designed and fully inclusive to support the progress of individual students who have a range of starting points and levels of prior attainment.

We ensure that SEND and disadvantaged children are given the necessary support in class to access the Curriculum fully and that equal opportunities are given to all.


The Dance journey encourages students to develop their confidence, social skills and awareness of their own identity. We aim to promote an appreciation of the importance of physical exercise and its long-term health benefits. Our students are supported to become ‘creative thinkers’, and to experiment without the fear of failure.


Dance in Key Stage 3 (KS3)

Per fortnight: 1 Lesson

Pupils are given the opportunity to explore dance styles and learn techniques from different traditions and cultures. The curriculum includes many opportunities to explore creativity and imagination. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their own performance skills and regularly act as an audience to develop a sense of respect and appreciation for live performance work.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Cultural Dance, Matilda, Dance in Social Media Street Dance, Parkour, Dance Tek Warriors Dance is offered as part of the taster rotation

Dance in Key Stage 4 (KS4)

In Key Stage 4, we currently offer the Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts and the RSL Level 2 Certificate in Creative and Performing Arts. 

The BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts course offers a practical introduction to the life and work in the performing arts industry. This course provides the opportunity to develop knowledge and technical skills in a practical learning environment. Students will develop key skills, such as creating performance or designing content for a real vocational scenario.

The RSL qualification encourages students to develop their understanding and appreciation of the performing arts sector. Students have the opportunity to explore and develop a range of skills and techniques through workshops in a variety of dance styles. Pupils are required to complete a detailed ongoing review of their dance skills, identifying their strengths and areas to develop, as well as setting achievable targets for improvement. The assessment approach of the RSL Dance course allows students to receive feedback on their progress throughout the program as they provide evidence towards the grading criteria of a Pass, Merit or Distinction.


BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Award

Everyone taking the BTEC TECH Award qualification will study three components, covering the following content areas:

  • Exploring the Performing Arts
    This unit develops an understanding of the performing arts including practitioners’ work and the processes used to create a performance.
  • Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts This unit develops performing arts skills and techniques through the reproduction of acting, dance and/or musical theatre repertoire as performers or designers.
  • Responding to a Brief
    Within this unit, students contribute to a workshop performance as either a performer or designer in response to a given brief and stimulus.

Exam Board: Pearson BTEC in Performing Arts

RSL Level 2 Certificate

Everyone taking the RSL Level 2 Certificate qualification will study two components, covering the following content areas:

Unit 1 (Ensemble Dance Performance - 50%):

This unit introduces and develops students’ skills in a selected dance style and improves their ability to reproduce and perform technical movements within a group. Styles selected may include jazz, contemporary, hip-hop or lyrical. All evidence may result in rehearsal recordings, practical performances, verbal presentations, rehearsal logs and written reflections.

Unit 2 (Live Performance - 50%):

Skills required for a live musical theatre performance. RSL will release a performance scenario where students will work as a team to plan, rehearse, perform and reflect on their production.

Exam Board: RSL Certificate in Creative and Performing Arts

Dance Future Paths

Students can progress further to obtain an RSL Level 3 Diploma in Creative & Performing Arts (Dance)

Students considering work in the theatre arts as a performer or teachers would benefit from dance. Dance students show an employer they are able to think creatively and work both independently and as part of a team. A-Level, BTEC, Foundation and Degree courses in dance are available and becoming increasingly popular should you wish to continue your study of the subject.

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