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Information Technology

Curriculum Leader: Mr C Leeke -

Cambridge Technical is a Level 3 vocational qualification for students aged 16+. These qualifications have been designed with the workplace in mind and provide a high-quality alternative to A-Levels and attract UCAS points. Heavily practical and hands-on, this vocational course provides a highly specialist and work-related qualification.

Subject Requirements

  • GCSE English - Grade 4 or above
  • GCSE Maths - Grade 4 or above
  • Or GCSE Computer Science / Information Technology - Grade 4 or above (or Merit in an equivalent vocational IT qualification) 


Our physical and digital resources continue to update as we try to keep up with an ever-evolving technological future. Our desire is to build soft skills, discernment, and resilience in our students. Our curriculum has been structured to allow students to explore a range of computational problems through the use of interactive resources. They will develop and thrive intellectually, socially, culturally, and spiritually in order to live life in all its fullness.


Throughout the course, students will have exposure to sequencing and coding tasks, in a variety of visual and textual languages, as well as regular reinforcing of digital literacy skills. To complete the level 3 qualification it is required that each student completed 360 Guided Learning Hours (GLH)

We ensure that SEND and disadvantaged children are given the necessary support in class to fully access the Curriculum and that equal opportunities are given to all.


Completion of coursework and practical, hands-on activities will provide continual opportunities for career exploration and soft-skills development. This course will give you the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to prepare for employment and will be a big step towards a career in the IT industry. 


Year 12 IT Topic Information

In the first year, you will learn about a range of hardware and software in significant detail, with a focus on computer building and supporting end users. You will learn the importance of health and safety within the workplace and will independently build, configure, test, upgrade, and troubleshoot computer systems. Good communication skills are essential in the workspace, and you will be expected to use and evidence effective communication in dealing with a range of scenarios. 

Unit 01: Fundamentals of IT (90 GLH)

  1. Understand computer hardware
  2. Understand computer software
  3. Understand business IT systems
  4. Understand employability and communication skills used in an IT environment
  5. Understand ethical and operational issues and threats to computer systems


Unit 18: Computer Systems – Hardware (60 GLH)

  1. Understand the components of a computer system
  2. Be able to propose a computer system for identified business requirements
  3. Be able to build or upgrade computers
  4. Be able to test and evaluate the functionality of computer systems


Unit 20: IT Technical Support (60 GLH)

  1. Understand the role of technical support
  2. Be able to diagnose faults and solutions for computer systems
  3. Be able to provide advice and guidance to specific customers


Year 13 IT Topic Information

In the second year, you will learn about data communications, networking and the Internet. You will learn how to plan, design, construct and troubleshoot networks using a range of tools and equipment. You will become familiar with a range of specialist devices and technologies used in real server farms and communications centres. 

Unit 02: Global Information (90 GLH)

  1. Understand where information is held globally and how it is transmitted
  2. Understand the styles, classification and management of global information
  3. Understand the use of global information and the benefits to individuals and organisations
  4. Understand the legal and regulatory framework governing the storage and use of global information
  5. Understand the process flow of information
  6. Understand the principles of information security

Unit 04: Computer Networks (60 GLH)

  1. Understand the concept of networks
  2. Be able to plan computer networks to meet client requirements
  3. Be able to present network solutions to clients
  4. Be able to plan maintenance activities for computer networks


Unit 20: IT Technical Support (60 GLH)

  1. Understand the role of technical support
  2. Be able to diagnose faults and solutions for computer systems
  3. Be able to provide advice and guidance to specific customers

For course completion, it is mandatory that students locate and undertake suitable work experience within an IT setting.  


The assessments below exclude coursework and are representative of the examinations that are externally assessed. There are a total of five units across the two years of study.

  • 50% of the course is assessed by examinations.
  • 50% of the course is assessed by coursework.
Year 12 Year 13

Unit 01: Fundamentals of IT (25%)

Unit 02: Global Information (25%)

Unit 18: Computer Systems – Hardware* (16.5% approx.)

Unit 04: Computer Networks* (16.5% approx.)

Unit 20: IT Technical Support (16.5% approx.)

Unit 20: IT Technical Support* (16.5% approx.)

Examining board link: OCR

Information Technology Future Plans

The course is aimed at those seeking to develop skills and access a range of junior user support, IT technician, or helpdesk operator job roles in a variety of sector settings, including an IT user support apprenticeship. 

Extra Resources

Revision Materials