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Worship (Secondary Phase)

Daily worship is at the heart of the life of our Church school. Our school Vision states that: ‘At the heart of our vision is the belief in inclusive, educational excellence; the belief that we are called to serve all pupils, staff, parents, and the local community by providing places where all develop and thrive intellectually, socially, culturally, and spiritually in order to live life in all its fullness’.

Our collective worship is driven by this Christian vision and is an expression of being a Church school.  It supports the distinctive Christian character of our school, reaffirms our Christian Values, and celebrates the contribution that each person makes to our community. Worship reflects the variety of traditions found in the Church of England as well as other Christian traditions, following the Church’s liturgical year, and also recognises the important festivals of other faiths. The daily Christian act of worship is central to our ethos and is supported by all staff and governors.


All pupils follow a programme of daily worship that includes church worship at Saint Mary’s led by our chaplain, Rev Trudi Oliver once a week, weekly hall worship following the theme of the liturgical calendar, two structured period 6 sessions led by form tutors and end with sharing good news and the Lord’s Prayer on Friday afternoons.

Pupils can take an active role in worship by presenting hall assemblies, writing prayers, and giving feedback through surveys and meetings. Each form group nominates a worship rep who attends meetings with the Worship coordinator two or three times a year to discuss and improve worship at Saint George’s.

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